Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow: I have never before encountered standing water that smells so much like turkey fat.
Yes, that's right: Thanksgiving dishes were left in the sink until just now. An uncharacteristic move, yes, but I am suffering a new permutation of the Cold of Death and after yesterday's ueberfeast was unable to do anything but watch an On-demanded Sesame Street movie. Gosh.


Where were we? It has been an eventful, eventful month. Recalling Halloween, Ali and Kit visited for just the weekend. Friday, we dined at Ploy II Thai (the selfsame place where I ate my first SF dinner(!)) and then spent some quality time at Murio's and Hobson's Choice. (Aside: quality time is rare at Murio's - much of the time I've spent there feels idle, but there have been a few enjoyable trips.) Stumbling up the stairs, we tore into the Jack-O-Lantern-shaped loaf from Boudin, then fell into bed. Saturday was bagels, Bank of America, a random mosey into the Lower Haight, and then a trip to Chinatown. I love Chinatown, though every time I've gone I feel I've gotten lost: that I can't quite make my way out. Perhaps that's part of its appeal? Picked up an adorable pandapple aluminum water bottle and a panda pile for Hook, mused over area bakeries. Ali, in an attempt to sate my unending sweet tooth, pointed out a seeming bakery called "Paradise of Heaven," only to discover that it was actually a butcher shop, flanks and sides and heads all laid out in a case of green plastic garnish.
Sunday was brunch with my housemates, a mess of French toast and jars of jam all laid out on a lazy-Susan. We drank mimosas in the living/dining room, sat on hard-backed chairs and made the most polite of conversations. Then, afterward, we went to the Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf. Sampled blood orange olive oil and truffle salt ( and Ali bought a tote bag, as is her way, and Fisherman's Wharf was exactly as it always was. We had a terrible mediocre dinner at Wipeout!, then fro-yo with piles of stale gummi candy while we sat at a table gooey with melt. By the time we reached the water it was dark out, but we could hear the sea lions barking, and we could smell them.


The next weekend, Hook and I attended Jaime and Matthew's wedding(!) A belated congratulations to J & M(!!!) I hadn't been to St. Louis since...2005? Or maybe late-late 2004: the precise date is anyone's guess. At any rate, I was excited to see which of my memories held true, and which were mostly fabrications. I was able to recognize several streets, several shops (though some of the restaurants I'd once used as landmarks have since closed), and, of course, Kopperman's. (!!!! for Kopperman's.) Got a volume of Vonnegut at Left Bank Books and felt odd in the unseasonable 70 degrees, wearing a sleeveless dress in the true autumn.


I'd been looking forward to Thanksgiving for some time, this excitement owing to the prospect of cooking a large, butter-laden meal according to the old traditional recipes. Ah, butter! Only a few times a year do I enjoy you in such a carefree manner! H and I teamed up with Sabina and Thomas to host dinner: the event proper was at Sabina's, but H and I cooked a turkey (complete with a stuffing of aromatic veggies and a spice rub), stuffing (mom's recipe), two types of cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and gravy. The pie didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped: the filling didn't totally set - this, I think, a result of my cooking two pies at once (and perhaps for too short a time? by five minutes or so?). But it was tasty and, as one guest remarked, not unlike a pumpkin shake. The stuffing was so similar to my mom's, despite my use of only half the butter called for in the recipe. (Aside: the original recipe calls for two sticks of butter per recipe of stuffing. WHAT??? So I subbed in some low-sodium chix broth.) In all, a memorable meal, sipping malbec and musing over who might win this season's Top Chef, then retiring to the sofas for some post-indulgence TV.


That's mostly to the present, sort-of. There are other tidbits, of course. I got short bangs cut after seeing "An Education" and being uebersmitten with Carey Mulligan's hairdo. I registered for my first 5K, which will take place in two weeks. (Eeek.) I am now suffering the worst cold of my lyfe and am chugging diet Canada Dry like it's my job, and thank god it's a long weekend. I'd otherwise be so toast.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I don't know...

Can you blame a lady for slouching? And the shirt isn't so bad...

Real update to follow, I promise.